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Our Story

Our Founder, Meenu Gill shares her love and fascination for Fashion through her custom and unique jewelry. Learn more about her beautiful story below!

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Meenu Gill, Founder 

Your dream come true is what I work so hard for.

— Meenu Gill, Founder 

Let's Get Comfortable

Our Founder, Meenu Gill is known for her holistic approach to jewelry design as she not only creates wearable pieces, but also helps you design an entire look.

Her journey towards a creative profession started at a young age where her passion for beauty and fashion began. Meenu was raised in Khanna, Punjab and like most Indians, she also grew up watching Indian TV Series. These series fascinated her —never for the drama, but for their beautiful Fashion instead. 

She was always intrigued with the rich and regal beauty found in Indian Attire. Although she earned a Bachelors of Science in India, her desire to work in Fashion and Beauty prevailed.


Meenu's family always supported her business mindset and it helped keep that fire alive for years until she moved to Canada in 1997. It still wasn't until 2013 that Meenu stepped into the world of Jewelry as an Entreprenuer. 

Over the last few years she has made a remarkable reputation for herself as an Indian Bridal Jeweller. At Her Fashion Vault vast majority of pieces are gold-plated and all of them are handcrafted. This attention to detail ensures the quality of such beautiful pieces and helps them last years.

Meenu's daughter Bianca also has a prominent role in the business as she helps her Mom at their retail location in Surrey, BC. As a Mother and Daughter duo they bring different generations of style together to give their clients the best. 

Meenu takes great pride in her work and puts her heart and soul into creating the perfect pieces for her clients' special days. She's able to help you put a look together or custom design anything you would like. From custom to curated, she does it all! 

We hope you enjoyed learning more about our story and thank you for reading this far. We look forward to serving you and helping you bring your jewelry dreams come to life! 

Gold Plated Kundan Jewelry 

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